1. Saturday, November 19, 2011

    people like food trucks 

    fashion truck

    aint no doubt about that one bit

    if i was a public servant

    or the mayor of los angeles

    id embrace the fact that LA has the most and coolest food trucks

    and id make sure that they were given a regular place to park

    in a part of town that i wanted people to


    a section of town that should be better and only needs probably a small jolt of love.

    cupcake food truckid start with Westwood Village on a weekend.

    a part of LA that used to be one of the great centers of fun.

    sprinkle food trucks on every street and let people mosey from one part of westwood to the other

    and omg maybe duck into a shop along the way and browse

    and maybe purchase something.

    it has blown my mind that in the center of all that affluence there are so many

    empty store fronts and failed businesses.

    if you cannot thrive in a wealthy section of LA, the rest is doomed.

    the answer is food trucks. lots of them. as many as you can.

    they’ll attract tourists.

    they’ll attract the youth.

    and then you can send them to other parts of town.

    its very simple.

    yr welcome.