Shepard Fairey creates Occupy Hope, challenges Obama to represent the average American

shepard fairey asks for president obama to help be the voice to the average american

Shepard Fairey, the LA-based street artist who helped galvanize President Barack Obama’s successful presidential campaign with his iconic Hope posters,

has called out the commander in chief, in a way, with a new poster that eerily incorporates the Guy Fawkes mask

with the image most closely related to Obama’s historic ascendancy.

“Mister President we HOPE you’re on our side” reads the text below the blue and red graphic.

Today Fairey published the image on his Obey/Giant site and said that it  represents his support for Occupy, “a grassroots movement spawned to stand up against corruption, imbalance of power, and failure of our democracy to represent and help average Americans.”

Fairey wrote that he sees the president “as a potential ally of the Occupy movement if the energy of the movement is perceived as constructive, not destructive. I still see Obama as the closest thing to ‘a man on the inside’ that we have presently. Obviously, just voting is not enough. We need to use all of our tools to help us achieve our goals and ideals. However, I think idealism and realism need to exist hand in hand. Change is not about one election, one rally, one leader, it is about a constant dedication to progress and a constant push in the right direction.”

He also said that the image may not be totally legal, which is classic, and funny. To me.