texas and pennsylvania have a lot of explaining to do

on the sidewalk

by now youve probably heard the tragic and horrible news from penn state university

that grown men and even a head football coach knew that another grown man was raping young boys

and they didn’t call the cops.

youve also probably heard that once the coach was fired the young people took to the streets

because they love college football so damn much

basically pennsylvania looks shameful right now.

but then yesterday rick perry continued his downward spiral and reignited the idea that there should be mandatory drug testing in presidential debates

several weeks before that debate, perry made people question if he was drunk or just crazy

regardless if he is drunk, high, or just some genius animatronics developer’s best imitation of a southern politician, the fascinating thing is the majority of

texas voters chose rick perry to be their governor.

in fact texas voters have been putting perry in office since 1984

they voted for him when he was a democrat and they vote for him as a republican.

texans love voting for rick perry.

they cant stop.

this week texans owe america some answers.