the ghost of michael jackson haunts me sometimes at night

michael jackson loves the busblog

he reads my blog and leaves me little notes via his people

he speaks spanish now because thats the heaven hes in.

he says hola amigo and im all michael jackson you know i dont habla

hes like fine but only for you will i speak english tony because i adore you and you were my only real friend

i was all but but what about all of those crying kids

and he was like oh yeah the kids, but you were the only real adult who was my friend.

and im like. wow, that would be sad.

he’s all would you have given me “my milk” if i asked.

i was all, ok that sounds weird.

he’s all my propofall.

i was like michael jackson if you told me tony i have a hard time falling asleep, no i would not have given you drugs, i would have given you some books to read.

mj said really

and i said yeah i have a few in my library that put me to sleep like no problemo.

and he was all he he you habla espanoled me right there.

and i was all si.

the end.

ps i miss you michael jackson but please rest in peace. merci.