tinted windows dont mean nothin, we know whos inside

etienne posing in baker behind the xbi machineeven though nothing in here is true

even though im a master of photoshop

and the luckiest

and unluckiest

man in the world.

a child of God.

a citizen of earth,

and a regular in the drive thru window to your heart,

rarely do i know what the hell is going on.

the only place where i have absolute confidence is in

professional blogging.

the least respected of the romance languages.

she said the agency wants you back and i think i know how to persuade you.

this was almost exactly a year ago.

in a vision.

i said i bet you do.

she said dont be pervy.

she said meet me in baker next to the largest thermometer in the world.

at the time i didnt know it was her but she said here.

i said how is a guy supposed to be undercover driving a car with the license plate advertising the undercover agency he’s pretending not to be part of?

she said when you discover that,

you will have completed yr training.