i dont know why things happen


i have my suspicions though.

some people believe in luck.

some believe in an invisible man in the sky.

some think things happen because they were meant to be.

destiny, they call it.

and because theres gaping holes in each of the theories,

most people mentally stitch each of the beliefs together

on the fly, to explain the unexplainable

to themselves.

but the truth is,

if baby wants to dance in, and dance out

and do her little thing,

baby gonna do what she wanna do.

more wind damage around hollywood, silver lake, and pasadena

hipster pontiac surrounded with palm fronds

hipsters rejoice, your classic pontiac is protected by palm fronds

fallen tree in pasadena's Central Park is a photo opp

a fallen tree in Pasadena’s Central Park provides a nice photo opp for these two

4100 club

the fake wall next to the 4100 Club was blown down pretty easily

car crash

trees knocked out power, which meant no stop lights in some areas = car crashes

tree down on glendower

the wind also attacked the homes and trees of the 1% which blocked roads (quite elegantly)

palm fronds in los feliz

in Los Feliz the palm fronds littered the roads near my favorite mushrooms

craziness in LA last night brought down trees everywhere

tree on Los Feliz Blvd.

theres usually not a lot of “weather” in LA, but when there is its dramatic:

fires, floods, earthquakes, and last night 80 MPH winds in the mountains and passes.

my part of town (hollywood) had strong winds all night but thankfully most of our trees have died due to pollution and hungry hungry hippos

but you could hear things banging against the building and trying to knock down the crib

to no avail.

this morning i got up early to survey the damage around my hood and took pics for KPCC

the weirdest damage was when huge trees from the rich neighborhoods were uprooted

and crashed on the walls of their rich neighbors.

more pics here. and here.