she said what was your favorite song of 2011?

sushi in paris

i couldnt tell the truth because we were on national television

(niggas in paris)

so i said LMFAO

which is actually dirtier i realized later

but sometimes if your heart is in the right place

the censers will cut you some slack.

if my maid can cut through all the crap in my house

shes gonna find a fat little christmas bonus in her envelope.

everyone should get a fat little christmas bonus in their envelopes.

why? cuz we still here.


congratulaions Beastie Boys

welcome to the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame!

update: the boys have released this press release

“We’re in the rock and roll hall of fame? That’s f—-n’ crazy and awesome! While we are very proud of the music we make, we have to acknowledge the inspiration from our families, friends and musicians like the slits, bad brains, x-ray spex, the treacherous three and too many others to possibly name. And most of all, we give thanks to New York City and the world of musical influence it provided for us.”