like ice cube, i would never leave LA

which isnt to say i dont have love for other places

or other people, or other worlds

but ive lived here half my life and i only cruised East LA for the first time ever this week.

so much has happened to me here, so many paths we’ve crossed.

sometimes you feel like youre in history

sometimes you feel like youre in history in the making.

doesnt matter who you meet or run into, they could be anyone: famous, drugged, dangerous, homeless – and they all look exactly like robert downey jr.

(thus all of the above)

the 10 freeway from the 405 to downtown LA is about 10 miles long

i seriously have used that freeway probably a gazilion times,

no lie.

i could write a book with just some of the stories around that free way alone

i bet ice cube could too.

with that said, i was totally committed to moving out of LA this year

im very happy now, in retrospect, that that didnt happen.

people are freaking out over this rick perry video

which is good. people should freak out a little.

because, yes, American conservatives, do respond to concepts like Nationalism as well as toward Christianity.

we love our country and we love Jesus Christ.

meanwhile there are Texans, which is who rick perry is, and it is the state which has had him as governor for the last 10 years.

Texans also love Texas as much as they love Jesus and the USA.

infact they may love Texas more.

the only thing Texans love more than their own state is football, which is why when Rick Perry had a religious ho-down right before he started running for president, he did it at the football stadium in Houston

if you get freaked out by this video you should see what Rick Perry allegedly called his ranch.

but here is what may settle you down for a little bit: even conservatives dont really want him to be president.

even though he was the flavor of the week for a few weeks this fall, that lust affair quickly cooled when he appeared drunk at this speech and stoned at this debate and also at this debate.

which is why he is now trying to toss a hail mary: the god card.

personally i am more afraid when liberals act like conservatives

more than i am concerned when conservatives act like conservatives

not because i think one party is better than the other, its just that i dont like it when there seems to be just one party – the one the that doesnt listen to the people.