tony whats your favorite Christmas song?

to me there are two types of Christmas songs

the ones not about Jesus and the ones about Jesus.

of the ones not about Jesus,

my favorite is “I Want” by Tenacious D and Sum 41

originally released in 2001 for a kroq christams album

but can more easily be found on the 2003 compilation “Christmas Calling

which has forgettable tracks by Fiona Apple, Macy Gray, and Fuel, among others.

but this D tune – it’s just so funny – while cleverly commenting on the crass commercialism

and selfishness of this holy season.

wrapped in an iron maiden judas priest danger kitty case of metal love.

the homemade video by a fan of the song makes it even better.

people have stopped saying white boys cant rap

i think thats nice.

i also think its nice when a young man decides to make flapjacks

while he delivers his disses to chris brown to the camera.

if only mtv decided to broadcast music videos, whoever this dude is,

who already has 8 million views on this tune thats only been up two weeks

would be a star.

fortunately mtv is busy showing us reruns of the situation.

theres hardly anything on my walls

but theres no joy in living your whole life on the ground

except for a hat,

a picture of ted turner with his eyes closed

and two strings of christmas lights

many of whom are burnt

im eating a pretzel stick thats big as a cigar

my space heater just clicked off.

im thinking about going down to the store to buy a new camera

do i need a new camera? no.


cuz i wanna show you everything

that youre missing.