a look back at february 2011

got brains

feb 1, we learn that the LAT blogs did 30 million page views in january – 10x more than we did 3 years ago

feb 1, which may be part of the reason part of Wrigley Field’s roof blew off

feb 4, the Donnas invite me to eat tacos. my life is complete.

super bowl sunday feb 6, after 9 1/2 years on Blogger, the busblog moves to wordpress and gets a redesign

feb 8, matt good welcomes a son to the world

feb 9, ali changes her status on facebook

feb 11, my boss quits to move to london

feb 12, these two feed me fish, get me tipsy, and convince me we should go to vegas

feb 13, hiking i take the best pic ever on my iphone of this house

feb 14, got a $100 lens for the “good” camera

feb 14, ashley and drew are totally bffs now fyi

black keys in vegas
on prez day
so bored in vegas
feb 1821, spent presidents day weekend in vegas, saw the black keys at the cosmopolitan, sorta fun

feb 24, matt welch comes to malo for a lil visit

feb 26, for a short while we thought bad kitty was dead, then he came back

feb 27, headed to san diego to hang out with danielle

feb 27, and there we ran into raspberry sundae, omg

feb 28, i read the best book i’ll read all year, xTx’s “normally special

feb 28, i get a new boss… who ends up changing my life