jay z and kanye’s excellent adventure

jay and kanye at staples

halfway through their third sold out show at staples center, the opening strains of a familiar tune began and the crowd roared.

“we’ve got a million of these” jay-z snickered.

the tune was “we run this town” and it was hard to argue that they dont.

over a period of two and a half hours the hip hop giants played ping pong with hit tunes

jay-z would break into Big Pimpin, Hard Knock Life, and 99 Problems and then Kanye would rip through All of the Lights, Jesus Walks, and Gold Digger

it was more a tag team than a battle. it was more a spectacle than a duel.

and when Kanye asked the crowd “people always say ‘be humble’, when was the last time they told you to ‘be awesome,'” it was clear that someone had told kanye to be awesome and he listened.

with the average ticket price of over $100 to sell out 3 nights in a row in a venue as large as staples is awesome, if not impossible

but last night was clearly another page in Jay Z’s “history in the making”. and i was very lucky to be there.

jay and kanye at staples

id seen jay z a few times, most notably when he did a private show with eminem for activision at the cozy Wiltern. that night i felt that Eminem won the night.

last night i felt Kanye won, but who are we kidding, we all win when Jay-Z is in the house – a mogul who needs no introduction or teleprompter.

hearing him get so much love before during and after Empire State of Mind, in of all places Staples where the Lakers often do battle against East Coast teams, was indeed awesome.

as was hearing 20,000 los angelinos sing “IM FROM NEW YOOOOORK”.

quickly heres how i got such great seats. at 4pm i logged onto ticketmaster’s site. none of the tickets were good, but i tried to see if they had an $59 tickets left ($75 after ticketmaster’s shenanigans) – got one that was basically behind the stage.

when i tweeted that i was going, Lakers blogger Mark Medina texted me and said he might be able to help me upgrade if i could meet him before the show.

and bam, there i was, just above the floor, just a tad left of center.

social networking at its best. and naturally i bought him beers all night to thank him for reaching out.

it was a great show and i wish my pics did justice.