a look back at march 2011

march 1, fur coat man doesnt give a fig about war or charlie sheen

march 2, the former drummer of thee mystakes teams up with the donnas singer, makes supergroup

march 3, The Week, america’s Economist, named my mind-in-the-gutter description of the London olympic’s logo the second best of alllll tiiiiimes

march 5, danced with pretty girls at a gay bar

march 6, went to the beach with karisa and learned how much a 2bd/2ba beachside apt costs

march 8, sass comes back to america just in time for a photo shoot

march 9, lauren rocket invites liana and i to play with dinosaur bones which i write about for the Times animal blog, Unleashed

march 12, ucsb wins the big west lol omg xyz pdq

march 13, a young lady in chile writes about her dog’s first trip to the beach. a mental note is made.

march 15, “hits went up on the blogs, but so what. record numbers. so what seriously. all i have is lobster balls.”

march 16, learn something new every day

march 17, “twenty years ago while in a dress in the beverly garland hotel i asked jeanine to be my girlfriend.”

march 18, my niece sends me the greatest girl scout invoice ever

march 19, joey maloney shoots the calendar cover for a todd martens story on sxsw, lovely planets align

march 19, cnn is a romantic at heart

march 22, j mascis plays at sxsw making me sad im not there

march 23, got to be part of a sit down video interview with Ron Ron who was super cool

march 24, sad day at work, so i drove around aimlessly during lunch because i could sense the impending doom

march 30, boy wonder Mark Millian returns to the LA Times – just to say hey, and to lift our spirits. (it worked.)

dinosaur jr covered the cure to end their show last night

it was pretty hard not to smile to

and sing along with

and dance to.

and love.

but the song where j mascis really showed off his shredding chops was in Out There

a strangely haunting, creepy, dark

hopeful \ hopeless

desperate ditty from a dark chapter of our past

thru the tune and especially at the three minute mark you can see Henry Rollins on the lower left side rocking out right behind the stage

to the greatest guitarist in rock today