obey rules

obey sample sale rules

went down behind the orange curtain yesterday in a mild drizzle to stand in line at the bi-annual obey sample sale

stood there for about two hours (maybe more) eating korean tacos and watching the hilarious joke band “Cover Me Badd” so time went pretty fast. as did the line.

got over $200 of clothes which would have cost thousands. $50 shirts were $10, $80 pants were $20 and $200 jackets were $40.

ive been going since 2007. maybe earlier.

sorry i didnt take pics of the inside of the warehouse like i did in 2008 and 2010, we only had 25 minutes to buy junk.

i should have gotten more but im already up to my neck in obey gear, but it was nice to get some pants, a hoodie, shirts, and gifts for those more deserving.

last night i also saw the Sitter which was way better than the 25 rating it got on Rotten Tomatoes.