a look back at april, 2011

april 1, i hate april fools

april 2, “there are little moments of peace quiet and downright joy sprinkled within the crap cupcake of this month and i wonder if thats the lifesaving portion, the light at the end of the tunnel, the lifejacket of life, or is it just the little breath of fresh air before the beatings continue.”

april 4, “they tore down a dudes house today in los angeles. with him in it. he had shot a police officer. i know nothing in here is true, but i do love la.”

april 6, took my monster truck to Fred 62 while my Lotus was in the shop

april 7, ben and ali drank with me at Dillon’s. we all won.

april 9, we are moved to the 4th floor, this is my new cubicle. yippe.

april 9, i get recognized too late. i should wear identification.

april 10, ali and i have a wild night capped with dubstep at a secret (illegal) warehouse party

april 14, i see Prince’s opening night of his 21-night stand at the Forum. bro plays 40 songs in 3 1/2 hours.

april 17, i find Tupac

april 18, the LA Times wins two pulitzer prizes

april 22, im invited to go to Vegas, i reluctantly go.

april 23, have an amazingly great time in sin city

april 24, like a really really great time there

april 27, im assigned to blog solely on the Top of the Ticket blog, so i take this office, and this view

april 29, Tsar releases the Drugboy Tapes. the world rejoices.