a look back at may 2011

may 1, went to my college reunion. was totally inspired. also was reminded how lucky i was to have gone to ccs at ucsb.

may 1, obama > osama

may 2, tsar gets back together to do an instore appearance in burbank for “Super” in which one of their best tunes was used in the opening credits beautifully.

may 3, these two have known each other ten years now. they old.

may 4, omg facebook LOLs

may 7, “hey tony what does yr bathroom look like?”

may 9, q. “yo tony, plan on writing any more books ever again?” a. hell no. how am i gonna top the others?

may 11, went on a date with a ridiculously beautiful girl who one minute told me she was strangely attracted to me and then the next minute told me to get out of her bed and out of her house immediately because i insulted her by telling her that i never really noticed how beautiful she was because i was attracted to her heart. learned that sometimes you should just tell some girls theyre hot and then shut up.

prince at the troubadour
may 12, saw Prince at the troubadour. sorta hated it. this guy didnt though.

may 12, afterwards saw Le Butcherettes who totally rocked. she also signed my poster.

may 13, odd future danced to “Friday” at the troubadour on friday the 13th

may 14, drank jameson / slept till noon / felt amazing in the morning

may 16, lakers get swept in the playoffs to dallas, went to see Thor, loved it.

may 17, hours from a two week vacation i contemplate what to do what to do what to do

may 21, i figure out where to go and what to do for vacation

may 23, searched for the spirit in several vortexes with chris

may 24, this was outside our window when we woke up. seriously.

may 26, ate at a ufo diner. no big deal.

may 27, did yoga on a triple vortex with a yogi from da bronx and had my mind blown pretty much

may 28, hiked into a secret diving hole

may 31, ended vacation on a secret mountain. also got pulled over by a copper.