2011 hmmmmmm

new years bad

i dont believe in jinxing, but maybe i jinxed 2011 by redesigning the busblog and moving to wordpress

i dont believe in jinxing because i dont believe in the opposite: i dont think that you can make good things happen just because you say something. like:

omg if i win the lottery im gonna buy a porsche.

but ever since i did redesign this bad boy my life went a little crazy.

coincidence, im sure. but still it makes me think of the old Vonnegut line:

the older i get and the more coincidences i see, the more i believe in God.

so did God want this weird re-arrangement in my life to happen in 2011?

did God say, like a farm, your roots need to be pulled up and the soil needs to get turned inside out and the dirt needs to be redone and new fertilizer needs to be thrown on it.

which is why sometimes its gonna smell like ish?

maybe. hopefully. probably.

either way, i cant wait for 2012 to see what comes from all that change

and new life.

but ive gotta say, it hasnt been the easiest process.