1. Monday, December 5, 2011

    a look back at 2011: january 

    by Geoff Boucher
    jan 1 – of my five new years resolutions, number one was not to buy a tv – success!

    i also had a great idea to watch a movie a day and write a 1 sentence review – fail!

    david bowie on snl
    jan 2 – finally found a lost SNL david bowie performance that had resurfaced on Netflix

    downtown la via an iphone
    jan 5, while eating pho with Sarah i admitted the following
    “im the only born again christian i know who has every bad religion record.”

    not the bathroom
    jan 8 – took a picture of the scandalous standard downtown bathroom where DJ Scott Sterling was jamming

    jan 9 – a nice collection of my desks at work over the last 10 years

    jan 10 – had a nice sushi lunch with jeanine, who i love

    jan 11 – my boss told me to start losing weight, and write about it every day in the LA Times health blog. so i did.

    it was also Ashley’s 24th birthday, who i miss a lot

    jan 12 – i learn that all my favorite foods are bad for me & make me fat

    jan 13 – my poops are showing me how much healthier i am

    jan 14 – shepard fairey unveils a new print. i obey and buy one.

    jan 15 – i start a regular stair climbing thing with the editor of livestrong, a gaucho

    jan 16 – bears win the divisional playoff vs the seahawks. its 11 degrees at soldier field

    jan 17 – “if Jesus was able to do everything he did and then peace out at such a relatively young age (especially compared to other bible characters, many of whom lived well past 100) then isn’t ‘old age’ exactly what we fear: worthless.”

    sonic youth
    jan 18 – it was 84 degrees, mlk day, and karisa wanted to go to the beach. thus, photo essay

    jan 19 – i buy a scanner.

    jan 20 – lindsay notices that im starving, and offers me some vegan pizza

    jan 21 – i interview my stomach in the los angeles times and use this photo. women suddenly want to date me. sadly the photo is soon removed.

    jan 22 – i see rock bands play in a museum

    jan 23 – terry bradshaw thinks the bears can beat the packers at lambeau in the playoffs (terry aint bright).

    jan 24 – i realize i subscribe to 25 magazines

    jan 25 – ali and i see wanda jackson with jack white. great great show. i write about temptations on the la times.

    jan 27 – so not tempted by these cupcakes

    ali after monotonix
    jan 28 – ali and i see monotonix at the echoplex, notice how her soul was refreshed by the experience. beforehand i got to interview the lead dude and print it in pop & hiss.

    jan 29 – the first of many times in 2011 where i consider visiting chile