1. Monday, December 26, 2011

    a look back at june, june 2011 

    june 1, Lilian asks: “What are your top 5 Bukowski books”

    june 2, i disparage people who take photos with their iPads

    june 4, during a Licorice Pizza reunion at the Rhino Records pop up store, a Balancing Act concert broke out – the first in 22 years

    june 6, karisa and i go hiking through the lamest part of pacific palisades

    june 7, no doubt does a surprise benefit for those affected in Japan, awwwww

    june 9, Banksy sponsors free Mondays at MOCA

    june 11, my favorite taco place puts in an (illegal) money machine

    june 13, aliens invade burbank

    june 14, i go to Cube, love it, and declare im a yuppie. a nation mourns.

    june 15, this little kid learns how to ride his bike, and gives thumbs up to rock n roll

    june 16, a manager of a Florida Starbucks asks me how i do it.

    june 17, even though im overperforming at work, the writing is on the wall. i start getting diahreah

    june 18, im asked the best question of the year: what would be my all time Houston Astro lineup

    june 19, Sass has 99 problems, all boys

    june 21, i take a short walk on a long peir

    june 22, im asked is it a good idea to listen to yr gut

    june 23, should evolution be taught in schools? lets pray on it.

    june 25, i eat the most disgusting foul spicy fishy bowl of soup ever, and live to blog about it

    june 26, i see the end is near, so i take a picture

    june 27, ali and i eat the craziest fish ever at kanpai. a “super” fish

    june 28, chris and i see titus androgenous and overkill river and titus won – by alot

    june 29, Capt Morgan asked a great question and the world gives great answers