1. Sunday, December 25, 2011

    Christmas was boring without you 

    woke up next to an ugly beach.

    super crowded with riff raff, as usual

    caught santa taking off his beard. always knew he was a faker.

    found this kid on sale, so i bought him with some money i found between my cushions.

    this kid had bows on her, so i picked her up too to put under the tree. why not.

    ipad ripoffs
    one thing led to another and santa brought the kids gifts – if you call ipads gifts

    the little girl didnt mind the bad films she was given.

    football cards
    the boy wasnt crazy about the cheap football cards

    at first he was stoked to get a 2 year old Madden game till he saw a Packer was on the cover

    packer hater
    you see, anything pro-Packers is frowned upon in our casa

    bill maher book
    mom liked her Bill Maher despite the foul words on the cover

    obey peace
    the little girl liked her Shepard Fairey obey tote bag

    dave's suit
    dave’s clothes fit him like a glove. a very old glove meant for a lil person.

    but the big gift that errryone loved were the two Jack in the Box tacos!

    Merry Christmas everyone!