karisa took me out to dinner cuz i was feeling low

karisa at kanpai even though nothing in here is true even (former) xbi agents get knocked to the ground

theyre just like Us, after all.

the difference (in theory) is that your favorite neighborhood superhero gets up, dusts himself off, and climbs back into Chopper One to return to saving the world.

a world that clearly did not ask to be saved.

a never ending non stop party rock planet of love and joy and occasional mayhem.

the sushi was good, as always, the sake was hot, the beer was cold, and our man peter even busted with some of the good stuff after he heard some of the bad news

and we all toasted to what was and what will always be.

what will always be?

what will always be is the hope that love can exist in a complicated world where opposites attract and like minded souls somehow meet despite all the blockades

some man made

some us made.

i got a little note in my email machine that said damn i wish you wrote more, like really wrote.

damn i wish sometimes i did too.

if only i had something to say.