1. Thursday, December 8, 2011

    like ice cube, i would never leave LA 

    which isnt to say i dont have love for other places

    or other people, or other worlds

    but ive lived here half my life and i only cruised East LA for the first time ever this week.

    so much has happened to me here, so many paths we’ve crossed.

    sometimes you feel like youre in history

    sometimes you feel like youre in history in the making.

    doesnt matter who you meet or run into, they could be anyone: famous, drugged, dangerous, homeless – and they all look exactly like robert downey jr.

    (thus all of the above)

    the 10 freeway from the 405 to downtown LA is about 10 miles long

    i seriously have used that freeway probably a gazilion times,

    no lie.

    i could write a book with just some of the stories around that free way alone

    i bet ice cube could too.

    with that said, i was totally committed to moving out of LA this year

    im very happy now, in retrospect, that that didnt happen.