only thing Ron Paul won’t blow up is his love of unwanted fetuses

but that’s ok, voters, because he wants to get rid of so many things that he will save the USA $1 trillion right off the bat

thats trillion with an ugh

i mean trillion with a t

joking aside, i like Ron Paul, but not because he runs around pretending that he’s this roided-up frat boy trying to show the world how muy macho he is.

i like him because hes an old man who has seen a LOT and has learned a few things here and there.

clearly he’s anti-abortion because he’s an OBGYN and conservative but that doesnt stop him from wanting to legalize weed and many other illegal drugs.

whatevs, i still think this commercial is cool and i cant wait for the video game to come out.

the one where Herman Cain’s cigarette smoking campaign manager blows some stuff up real good with Dick Cheney in the bonus round.