padawans used to have to build their own light sabers

these are not the droids

on the short list of cool is the fictional character Obi-Wan Kenobe

from the Star Wars.

on lesser creatures he had the ability to merely wave his hand

and declare a statement,

and suddenly the foe would promptly agree with the statement and subsequent action.

he is a spiritual leader who only preaches to the choir,

he’s patient, but firm, seasoned, but spry,

with the added plus of being British so every line sounds elegant.

these are not the droids you are looking for would have sounded quite differently

if coming from the tongue of woody allen.

for example.

the only problem with the success of the film, the character and the line

is some people really believe in it.

perhaps you have met these people.

they really think that, even if its a lie, a blatant untruth.

if they say it, and wave their hand, others should agree.

just like

in the movies.