this is albacore sawara style at kanpai

at kanpai

it has no business tasting like this.

it’s from another time zone.

sawara is such a mysterious and impossible fish to prepare perfectly,

so to find an establishment that knows it intimately

and who only serves it super dooper fresh, is something to be cherished.

kanpai is that place. but it doesnt always have true sawara

so it tricks the albacore into believing that it is sawara

with help from a tangy sauce, and some light crunchy doo dads on top.

the entire thing melts in your mouth and you cant even believe such a thing exists.

sometimes the fake sawara is better than the real deal

its like the six million dollar man or something.

because the over all flavor and feeling is overwhelming,

i usually save it for the end.

and then ask for a little green tea ice cream.