a look back at 2011, august

august 1, drinks in vegas with a guy with a mike tyson tattoo

august 2, “booze looks good on the night stand.”

august 3, xbi upgrades me from hooters to the hard rock in their own unique way

august 4, the coolest thing i did in sin city

august 4, one of the many beautiful emails i got

august 5, rise of the planet of the apes, the busblog review

august 7, they cleaned up the elliott smith wall (its ruined now, again, of course)

august 8, tsar’s calling all destroyers is the music for the opening credits of Super

august 9, i see the closing day of the best art show of the year starring Banksy, Shep Fairey, and Mr. Cartoon

august 10, we could be heroes

august 11, i learned what a Bardo is

august 12, LA Times critic still camera shy even after the cat jumped outta the bag

august 12, strangely im the only man in the blogosphere who noticed Jackie Johnson was married

august 12, Dennis Rodman gives the greatest speech while entering the NBA hall of fame

august 13, i have my first interview at KPCC and meet a homeless cat who tells me say yes

august 14, my sister takes the best photo of the year of my nephew, a dog and a cat, and a cage

august 15, was given pretty good seats to the Dodger game. ate free food. hung with pretty ladies after

august 16, the busblog turns ten freakin years old

august 17, “hey tony whats the deal with ‘nothing in this is true'”?

august 18, the time the readers bought me a car

august 18, unemployed i chill at the Roosevelt pool with krista. so boring

august 19, the best bet i ever won ever

august 22, sass and i have brunch, go to a meadow party, then eat chinese

august 24, sunset junction cancelled. the busblog mourns.

august 27, drinks with anti and tanky teach me about the sad fate of Old Tony’s

august 28-31, the xbi sends me back to vegas and i have the best time, but you know what happens there.

one of the big annoyances about the xbi is the secrecy

hi LA

which doesnt always match with busblogging.

in fact the two are in huge conflict.

heres the biggest problem, the xbi is wildly exciting.

theres stuff that happens in and around the shadowy underground that is ab so lutely perfect for blogging.

yet if you write about it, you end up missing and will never be found.

the first rule of the xbi is


theres not a lot of room for negotiation. which stinks cuz im a master negotiator.

the only reason i write about it as much as i do

is cuz i dont care about the bang

which ironically is why they <3 me so. do i heart them so too? who? (yes) ever wonder why a bald man uses shampoo? them too.