this is legal

but two people of the same sex cant marry each other.


land of the free.

the mexican guy at midnite tacos gave me some extra tortillas cuz im a regular.

half chicken he says when he sees me because he knows i like their half grilled chicken dinner

it comes with a small cup of rice, a small cup of black beans, a small cup of salsa

and two tortillas made by hand by the lady next to him.

seven bucks and youre on your way with a bag of barbecued hotness.

america. we’re given food as reward all the time.

but to see it used as whatever this woman has convinced her baby it is,

makes me wish my old friend anorexism still blogged.

if shes still alive that is, which i hope she is.

anyways, this is why they hate us.

i nearly died 4-5 times last year


one of these days it’ll happen. so lets be prepared.

on the day of my funeral

1. i want my corpse to be driven around that square in North Korea

2. i would like madonna and britney and xtina to kiss each other again on mtv

3. i would not like any flags flown at half mast, but thank you.

4. if you loved me, id like you to go into a drive thru, order something good, and pour a little classic Coke out for the brotha who aint here.

5. in lieu of flowers please send donations to the Hollywood Free Clinic, the College of Creative Studies at UCSB, and Wikipedia, even though they deleted me because im a blogger.

6. but most of all i want peace and love for this world that limo ride in North Korea.

h/t eject

in college i had hippie friends and newspaper friends

blue house

we lived just a few blocks from the beach.

id never been so poor and yet so rich.

for two years the center of the hippie circle was The Blue House

a home that was found when skateboarding Chris and Jesus Rob met two beautiful co-eds at a grateful dead show in berkley, began dating and decided to live with each other.

the boys had lived in skatepunk squalor the year before and the girls magically found the perfectly quaint and funky two bedroom one bathroom house whose doors were rarely locked and whose back yard and front porch were rarely without good vibes sweet smiles food drink and unmentionables.

fine, i’ll mention it: love.

i have weird day dreams of moving back to isla vista some day.

usually i think of getting an oceanside dp cliff top house with a tree house

but today i have my eye on the blue house

whose walls could tell the most amazing stories

not to mention the easily accessible roof.