as you know there are many rules in the xbi

cottage hospital

one of them is never visit your colleagues in the hospital.

youre never supposed to be in the hospital: healthy or ill.

so if you get an sos or esp saying im at the Kaiser in Hollywood, you know its either a fake or a trap or code that you should maybe go to Cedars and see whats up.

but if anyone ever says yo Agent Z is at Goleta Valley for sure you dont go.

longtime readers know the xbi was created in an abandon barracks at uc santa barbara and many of the procedures they did to us took place at the local hospital.

it may sound terrible, but they did remove the liability of feeling pain, and granted us the feature of reading minds, judging peoples hearts, and absolute marksmanship.

but none of us want to return there.

because im an idiot i returned there.

last night.

and relived the weird memories of being in the infamous ICU ward.

the smells of the strange food. the beautiful eyes of the nurses.

and the bizarre parking lot where most of us learned that pain was no longer going to be part of our walk.

no one was there to visit the special agent, because thats not the deal.

so when i got there it was a surprise.

never surprise a wounded agent.

but fortunately his marksmanship,

due to the injuries,

had become a tad less than absolute.