isla vista was so welcoming to me the other day

pardall in isla vista

the moon came out, the bikes came out, but the streets weren’t too crazy

iv couch poster

even though it was night, the IV book store was still open and i noticed theyre still selling the one super cheesy poster of that greek couple hanging out on a couch on the street.

black studies books

it was interesting to see how many Barack Obama books are now part of the Black Studies syllabus.

bottle opener on zipper

but the coolest thing i saw was a hoodie with a bottle opener zipper. (i shoulda bought one)


however the second coolest thing may be this head shop slash soda store named Hoodez Goodez on Pardall that will DELIVER you wrapping papers and bongs along with munchies for just a $2 delivery fee if you are too, uh, tired to get your lazy butt off the couch – fascinating.

this store is awesome

you have been warned.