regrets, i have a few

obama but most of them are things i didnt do,

not things i did do.

we all make mistakes as we are trying to rock the casbah

but wouldnt you agree that the things that haunt us are the missed opportunities as opposed to the times we have swung and whiffed?

well thats how it is for me.

for example when i was in high school i asked this pretty girl to prom. for one reason or another (probably because we didnt know each other very well) it didnt work out.

but im so much happier that i actually went to prom than stayed at home, regardless of what a disaster the dance ended up being.

so my question to myself – and to you if you so choose – is are you asking the pretty girl you barely know to the dance or are you staying at home watching tv moping?

are we trying new things or are we hiding in the comfort zone?

are we reinventing ourselves

or are we reinforcing who we were decades ago?

me, i want to see what i am capable of at this stage in my life. i want to see what i can do with all the things ive learned over the last 113 years.

i do not always want to wait for those around me who are stuck and are totally ok with being stuck – is that crazy? is it mean?

does it mean i will be alone sometimes? yep.

is being alone the worst thing in the world?

no, regretting missed opportunities that i didnt go for is.

tonight im driving with a cop through compton

bro better let me floor it is all i gotta say.