come with me to the sea


im watching woody allens husbands and wives. 1992. hard to believe that movie is that old.

juliette lewis is in it. love her. so much.

met this dude who knows her. he was all yeah shes pretty amazing.

its really an all star cast this one. woody, mia, liam neeeeson. and my juliet.

i shoulda moved to LA way earlier than i did. the day after high school wasnt early enough. shoulda done it once bruce sutter was traded to the cards.

i got the most amazing photos in my mail box these last two days. karisa asked me today how my day was going and i wanted to say, you shoulda seen these pics but im not sure she woulda understood.

ever feel like no ones gonna go to your movie and if they do theyre not gonna get it?

not in a sad way just in a trippy way like – theres a million people just in LA who arent married. to me that seems like a lot. and none of them would understand?

seems inconceivable.

but then i think, american idol has this national platform and all theyre asking for isnt a soul mate but just someone who can seriously rock the mic.

and yet after all those years they could only find two that matter.

and even they only sorta matter.

maybe its conceivable after all.