the only thing constant in life is change – its a fix

the artist

saw the Artist last night at the Vista. finally.

pretty good film. the audience clapped at the end, which is always a good sign.

it was the 7pm screening at the Los Feliz movie house, my favorite place to see a film.

any movie shot around hollywood, especially those in black and white

and a silent movie, at that, is totally fine with me

but i felt like something was missing.

something keeping it from being an Oscar-worthy film of the year.

i dont think the Descendants had it either, or The Help, and certainly not Bridesmaids

Woody’s movie was good too, but that wasnt best picture neither.

last year there were so many movies that shoulda been best picture:

Toy Story 3, Into the Void, Scott Pilgrim…

but this year i’m still waiting for something to knock my socks off.

guess i gotta see Hugo and Incredibly Loud

anyways one of the big themes about The Artist revolves around change

and as i sit in my apartment of 10 years and all the crap on my shelves of over 20 years

and my body of almost 130 years, that part definitely spoke to me.