i used to be so fun

ting tings

you shoulda seen how much fun i used to be.

i think my fun was in my afro.

trying to get out.

maybe im my funnest at work where things are going a thousand miles an hour.

today i worked late, i was only in one official meeting, yet the day sped fast.

good thing i had a boston market chicken pot pie for lunch with a side of steamed veggies.

what did you have for lunch today?

you know we just dont talk any more.

i say my blah blah blah and you say your blah blah blah.

this space used to be the honesty hq despite the nothing in here is true blah blah

i was so busy i even made an international phone call.

i was so busy i had to take a sexual harassment test online for TWO HOURS

which had some pretty funny examples of men behaving badly (and women).

i actually did learn a few things about the law

but i love how PC the online quizzes were. if you were wrong, instead of saying WRONG it said

There is a better answer.

baby theres always a better answer.

likewise, i could be funner.

today is lindsay’s birthday, shes 24

miss minnesota changed everything in my little world of blogging.

i learned that republican girls from the midwest could put aside politics when it came to life

sure she was dating a billionaire for a while, but who isnt these days?

sure she was younger than me by a lot, but we had so much in common

fast food, springsteen, tsar, california.

the list went on longer than i thought it would.

but like most midwesterners she loved the west coast but loved her home more.

i only wish she loved blogging because hers was super great for a little while there

then something happened. what? who knows!

i know: a tragedy. she stopped writing.

etorre turned into e-alto and the internet sighed.

for lindsays birthday i hope she starts writing again, her tales were true and interesting.

she was one of the only women in minnesota telling fascinating stories of complicated dalliances

and real life struggles.

i know its hard to write every day when youre working 15 hour days,

but thats why al gore invented Tumblr.

and why the boss once sang

“and the poets out here dont write nothin at all, they just sit back and let it all be”

dont let it all be.

but happy birthday to one of the very few people who blew my mind in the last 100 years.

and win twins.