hi LA, do you know i <3 you?

great weather for LA

yep, pretty much yep.

might have to go outside this weekend since i didnt really last weekend

on account of the rain and the work and the playoffs.

there was a time when they didnt have a hype week in between the playoffs and the Super Bowl

i didnt like that time. i like this time. i like this time almost all the time.

do you like this time?

there was a time when things were different and i was taller and stronger and richer and thinner

and thankfully i keep pretty detailed journals to aid my memory: i didnt like those times much.

i may have smiled and pretended all was good in the hood. hood wasnt all that.

is your life a blank slate? is your future unwritten?

are you writing your present or is something else? like Fate or Life or Destiny?

i wanna write my present. i dont wanna be tied to anyone elses weirdness why would i?

but with that said if anna kournikova was all, yo tp f enrique lets travel the world in 2012

i could be tempted.

but i dont know if i have that many vacation days accrued