for most of my life i have had no idear what i wanted to do

courtside at the clippers game

but now i do.

i want to be steve soboroff.

who is steve soberoff? hell if i know. but he gets to sit courtside with my girl riri

at the hottest game of the year: the clippers lakers Battle of LA.

and he gets to take a picture with her.

i know steve is jacob’s daddy but that gets you courtside with the Caribbean Queen?

imma have to investigate this in more detail for as much as i like jack

i think id rather sit next to miss umbrella ella ella


biggest hit of january 2012?

it might have to be 8 year old Juliette from Down Under who recorded a one-minute hit

that took the YouTubes by storm

and got over 17 MILLION views in 9 days.

eat that Rebecca Black

anyways young Juliette’s video inspired this extremely funny reply video

this heartfelt (in a lonely dude has a room full of great equipment way) cover

and this cheesy cover