books. reading. less tv. more page turning

paint it blackhollywood legends alie and georgia had a podcast this weekend

a drunken podcast.

where they talked about how much they love books

and how they always have to have at least one book that theyre devouring.

currently alie is suffering through Henry Miller’s tropic of cancer.

something i cannot relate to, because if i hate a book i stop reading it.

and maybe stop reading books entirely for a little while.

but shes plowing through it because thats what you do i guess.

meanwhile i too have the classic Miller novel and i believe i have started it and stopped reading it almost immediately.

this weekend i was bored outta my mind. no football will do that to a man.

so i omg organized my bookshelf under my bedroom tv. it looks amazing.

id have taken a picture but something told me that youd rather see karisa holding up a book.

anyways i wanted to throw some books out aka donate them to a library. ha!

instead i figured out a way to put MORE books in my bedroom.

books i’ll never read.

but now that 2012 already has one month under its belt (almost) (still, unreal)

i feel like i should make a belated new years resolution, so here it is:

i will start reading books in my bedroom and if i put it down without completing it,

it goes into the give that bad boy away box.

next step, get a box.

pasties show

pasties show

pretty girl handed me a something for a pasties show.
aint never been to any pasties show before
and never thought about one to be honest.
crazy thing about a girl in high heels in the middle of the day
handing you something like that is it does get you thinking.
so i stood there for a minute and i thought about it.
older i get the more comfortable i have gotten mulling things over for a few minutes.
especially when its just she and i in unseasonably warm temperatures
in downtown LA in july. me wearing too much. her wearing
is she wearing pasties? lets look back at that ticket thing.
dress code enforced i see and i look at her and i say your people wont let me in.
she says they’ll let you in. i say oh no i dont have anything up to code.
she says just dont wear, well, what youre wearing right now.
and especially dont wear those sneakers and that hat
or those shorts or that shirt or those sunglasses
and pull up your socks.
and i said so ive gotta get dressed up to see a show of pasties?
yes and with this coupon you can get a bottle for $100.
the excitement overwhelmed me but i didnt know how to express it.
so i gave her back her ticket
to play it real cool like.
right after i took a picture
and thought of you.