a look back at 2011, september

sept 1, we have a little earthquake, KTLA shows their twitter feed. apparently Dirty Sanchez is a viewer

sept 4, im still unemployed so karisa and her family get me sloshed near the beach

sept 7, i interviewed for a job at a giant cable network. we agreed to disagree. but it was fun.

sept 8, san diego has a huge blackout. they blame one electrical worker. i call bs

sept 9, we are reminded how far away the GOP has drifted from their bff Ronald Reagan in many regards, including immigration and building a fence on the Mexican border

sept 10, the xbi catches wind that i am considering a trip to canada. and they try to disuade me from going because they know i may be accompanied in part by the leader of the xbi’s daughter.

xbi: tony, seriously you cannot do this. there will be trouble at the border.

tony: we wont have any troubles, any where.

xbi: you’ll have trouble in the South.

tony: we’re not going to the South.

xbi: we know you’re going directly to the South.

tony: then make sure we wont have trouble.

(there ended up being trouble)

sept 11, tenth anniversary of 9/11. these kids make me cry

sept 12, second interview at kpcc. they feed me croissants and apple juice (my faves)

sept 13, andy malcolm, my blogging buddy and one of the main reasons we had huge success at blogs at the LA Times, leaves the paper to blog for someone else.

sept 14, i head to canada. i let two hippies housesit my crib. omg omg awaits

sept 15, hola toronto. hola canadian version of the xbi (the cix). hello snow?

sept 16, for some reason in montreal they insist that you parlez vous

sept 17, im allowed a canadian cix copter so i fly back to TO to have sushi with lowercasecarmen – who is even more delightful than when i first met her in BC

sept 18, the boss’s daughter and i experience trouble at the border. we get a luxury suite in niagra falls, consider getting married, instead spend much of the evening laughing and laughing and laughing.

sept 19, there are funny signs in niagra falls

sept 20, mcdonalds poutine is way better than youd think.

sept 21, the xbi doesnt like that im flying canadian copters, spending much time in niagra falls, or refusing to respond to their esp communiques. whatevs

sept 22, we fly to ottawa and sample kfc poutine which is even better than mcdonalds’

sept 23, food truck poutine aint bad either i discover, but the cix poison me so i have to see a doctor… which is free and a 5 minute wait

sept 24, ottawa is funny. and i see that the USA doesnt always export well.

sept 25, omg ottawa house party – shwarmas and obama cookies, what a day

sept 26, the CIX shows themselves to be polite and well dressed but a tad creepy. so we decide to peace out. the cix then have a party for me.

sept 26, someone sends a limo. dude says where ya wanna go. i say is this free? he says yep. i say, how about quebec. dude says fine. allon-z

sept 27, quebec city turns out to be my favorite everything. the cix put me up at the Lowes, feed me the most delicious foods and booze, its so warm i decide to flash the paparazi. im in love with everything.

sept 28, “one place the xbi wont follow you into is in a church”. and its crazy beautiful.

sept 30, even mall poutine makes me love everything. its super nuts. i fall completely and totally for canada. so the xbi forces me to go home.