1. Sunday, January 1, 2012

    a look back at july 2011 

    july 1, i take a photo “of a man laying in his own liquid waste beneath a giant tree under a breathtakingly beautiful sky. he was either dead or passed out because he wasnt laying on grass or dirt.” he was laying on rocks.

    july 1, Top of the Ticket, the blog ive been writing on, does a whopping 3 million pageviews for the month of June, a huge accomplishment, especially for the summer when no one is supposed to care about the web or politics.

    july 2, a tribute to my grandfather. a canadian. and a cuban(?)

    july 4, pretty girl says shes just not into me, heartbroken, so ali and chris take me to High

    july 6, sass flies to america to console me with hello kitty lolipops.

    july 8, my mom calls and asks is everything ok? i say i think theres a disturbance in the force.

    july 10, hitler is nervous about the upcoming Carmaggeddon

    july 12, ate tongue at a peruvian joint

    july 13, dudamel at the hollywood bowl: a busblog review

    july 14, kiss the hot babe in front of you, before its too late

    july 16, danielle and i see dylan at the oc fair and eat deep fried twinkees

    july 18, fine i’ll have kids

    july 19, pardon me, i thought this whole damn country was supposed to be a free speech area

    july 21, nirvana’s nevermind turns 20, so i listen to it all the way through

    july 22, lady gaga is pretty amazing on howard stern

    july 25, poor amy winehouse

    july 26, life is sales, and then you die

    july 26, “the older i get the more i realize the less i need”

    july 27, hi summer vacation

    july 28, dear Los Angeles Times, you rock

    july 28, remembering the kareem abdul-jabblog

    july 31, the busblog sunday press conference (of love)