blew off steam

vegas, as usual, came through.

great food, hot tubs, and expensive drinks that turned into free drinks.

didnt get back to the room till 645am. somehow woke up four hours later.

ridiculously hung over.

the hard rock allowed me the luxury of a noon late checkout and at 1230pm i was on the road.

at 130pm the headache was blaring and the four bites of jack in the box breakfast was threatening to come back up.

at 145pm i found a nice little abandoned road off the side of the freeway outside of Baker and i took a two hour nap in the car.

when i drove around the country i napped all the time in the car.

today it went down super easily, i cracked the window a tad, threw a jacket over my head and i was out in five seconds.

now im eating lima beans watching the jersey shore.

with a crazy smile on my face from sin city.