do you believe in whatever they call it?

pierce cheerleader

found myself in a community center last night.
first time id been in a community center in quite a while.
saw a few homeless people in there.
there were all these loaves of bread on a table, i suspect for the poor.
there was also a group of senior citizens reading something.
and in a separate room there appeared to be a 12 step program going on.
out front there was a tv on and two gentlemen watching the Clippers pre game show
meanwhile there was another room for playing pool.
nobody was playing pool, but one guy was in there eating bread
next to a chalk board that said
good players / really bad players

in our room there were dozens of people signing up for a softball league.

the community was really truly absolutely in that center.

i didnt wanna leave.

people say this and that about California, especially southern california

but ive noticed that most places are pretty much the same:
7-11s, mcdonalds, grocery stores
and people just trying to make it
trying to get it together or keep it together.
most of them are nice.
the others, the bible says love em too.
why not says john the baptist.
with his hair shirt
eating bees
shufflin before his crazy head gets chopped off.

Jesus totally super loved john the baptist
and that didnt end all that well
unless you dont believe that thats when it really ended.