1. Friday, January 27, 2012

    for my friends who make cakes 

    do not want

    do not want.

    more things i dont want:
    what i have not got.

    i do not want to live in beverly hills where the LA city ambulance
    wont come to my house because beverly hills is in a different city.
    so im moving.
    and making friends with my own damn ambulance company.
    one that will not release my 9-1-1 call to tv stations
    mere days after i went into convulsions because i smoked something thats like weed
    but more of an incense(?!!!!)
    the fire chief said the ambulance didnt come
    because the phone number’s address goes to a PO Box.
    i also dont wanna work at a jail and get laid off cuz
    theyre releasing a bunch of prisoners.
    i also dont wanna be ron pauls campaign manager because really
    how can you feel good about yourself when Everyone who has run
    has been a front runner