her initials were A. R.

big family

i grew up in a neighborhood that was heavily italian.

i was in sixth grade.

i knew nothing about nothing.

i was such a brain dead child that i rode my bike everywhere all day all the time and didnt need water.

maybe id have a glass of hawaiian punch IF IT WAS THERE

somehow the girls knew exactly what was going on because suddenly there was a party one night

we all showed up and there were all these games id never played

light as a finger, stiff as a board

crazy bloody mary

and of course spin the bottle.

before i knew it i was in a bathroom with one of my best friend’s girlfriend.

shes the one with the feathered hair on the far left of the photo above.

he was sick, but there she was in the circle for spin the bottle

and suddenly there she was in the bathroom with me.

and she shut off the light

and my life was forever changed.

when i got home my mom thought i was on drugs.

close, ma.