i have a new favorite coin laundry joint

internet machine

ive lived at my place for over ten years.

i never expected to live here for ten years, by the way.

but the place is fine: cheap rent, fireplace, close to the subways and freeways.

super safe.

but one thing it doesnt have is a washer / dryer.

this was really bad when i didnt have a car cuz either id have to rent or borrow a car

or put it in an old lady rolling basket and wheel it down the street.

ive probably made 6 different places my favorite coin laundry joint in 10 years.

but this new one i love becasue they have sooooo many $1.25 old school white washers

and all of their driers are new and reliable and fast and hot


everyone in the place speaks spanish except for the korean owner who doesnt speak nothin

he just smiles.

yo sorry i got here so late – what time do you close?


my man you have the best coin laundry joint in town!


i spied his Internet Machine last night hoping it was a time travel machine

but im still here.

in the moment.

happy to know that if things stop i just have to click the mouse 2x