i nearly died 4-5 times last year


one of these days it’ll happen. so lets be prepared.

on the day of my funeral

1. i want my corpse to be driven around that square in North Korea

2. i would like madonna and britney and xtina to kiss each other again on mtv

3. i would not like any flags flown at half mast, but thank you.

4. if you loved me, id like you to go into a drive thru, order something good, and pour a little classic Coke out for the brotha who aint here.

5. in lieu of flowers please send donations to the Hollywood Free Clinic, the College of Creative Studies at UCSB, and Wikipedia, even though they deleted me because im a blogger.

6. but most of all i want peace and love for this world that limo ride in North Korea.

h/t eject