i used to be so fun

ting tings

you shoulda seen how much fun i used to be.

i think my fun was in my afro.

trying to get out.

maybe im my funnest at work where things are going a thousand miles an hour.

today i worked late, i was only in one official meeting, yet the day sped fast.

good thing i had a boston market chicken pot pie for lunch with a side of steamed veggies.

what did you have for lunch today?

you know we just dont talk any more.

i say my blah blah blah and you say your blah blah blah.

this space used to be the honesty hq despite the nothing in here is true blah blah

i was so busy i even made an international phone call.

i was so busy i had to take a sexual harassment test online for TWO HOURS

which had some pretty funny examples of men behaving badly (and women).

i actually did learn a few things about the law

but i love how PC the online quizzes were. if you were wrong, instead of saying WRONG it said

There is a better answer.

baby theres always a better answer.

likewise, i could be funner.