if you see my buddy bob at the NAMM show tell him ‘cubs all the way’

me and bob after we beat Ontarioville by 24since i met Bob when i was in kindergarten its pretty safe to say that outside of my family no one has known me longer. and yet – he still likes hanging out with me!

the other day he wrote to say he was flying into LAX and would like to eat some of the delicious sushi that he always reads about on the busblog.

so as he waited for me to get off of work and drive across town he took a long walk on the long santa monica pier, watched the sunset and played some video games.

eventually we were greeted by peter at kanpai and the first thing bob said was

“i dont like sea urchin”.

peter took it as a challenge and said im going to change your mind about that. both bob and i objected because neither of us like the slimy gross spoonful of grossness.

peter said if you dont like it you wont have to pay and since bob and i are excellent businessmen we reluctantly agreed and of course kanpai blew our minds.

peter and bob at kanpaibob and i were the perfect 1-2 punch all through school in basketball. i was the quick dribbling point guard, he was the sharp shooting small forward. typically id push the ball up, drive the lane and if i could, id score, but if i couldnt id collapse the defense and kick it out to him waiting in the corner and watch him drain the 3.

when no college agreed to take us as a package deal, he chose to stay in Illinois and i moved out west to Cali.  a sad day indeed.
today bob is a mover and shaker in the world of rock. he provides the equipment for all of the most famous entertainers and politicians in the world.

but most importantly hes a devoted husband and loving father, as well as a long suffering Cub fan.

for some reason he doesnt think the north siders have a chance this year, which worries me because he always seems to have inside information and i was under the impression that theo epstien was hired to bring success to clark and addison and allow them to raise that W flag a hundred times this year.

bob said keep drinking.

bob is number 24 and i am number 22

which we did.

as we talked about traveling the world and our many creative and fascinating schemes and inventions.

just like olden times

in the hood.