1. Monday, January 9, 2012

    it must be so easy for coachella 

    coachella 2012

    everyone wants to be there, always.

    hey radiohead wanna come?

    um, sure.

    hey dr dre wanna play with snoop dogg?

    helllll yeah

    hey black keys


    then they get a cup of coffee and dial up Justice and Girl Talk

    whose phones ring in the Goldenvoice waiting room

    hey at the drive in do you wanna get back together?

    i wonder if eminem or ice cube join dre and snoop

    i wonder if le butcherettes steals the show

    i wonder if people will fall asleep quicker during mazzy star beneath the stars or cat power beneath the stars

    or bon iver

    it’ll be bon iver.

    they retired the name bon for singers

    a long time ago.