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Matt Lifson

Los Angeles, I’m Yours interviews Matt Lifson, an interesting young artist attending art school at Otis Parsons in Westchester

Does he enjoy Los Angeles, though? You’d assume that he wouldn’t. “There are moments that I really enjoy it. I live in Echo Park, which is a far drive everyday. Sometimes I’ll sleep in my studio,” he explains. “I actually never came to Otis before I accepted coming here: the first time I saw my studio was when I first came here to work. I didn’t set up my studio. I brought a bunch of canvas and stretcher bars and I started working. That’s how I jump into any situation: I don’t really give myself time to explore–and I didn’t give myself time to explore LA. I have a general feeling when I get to places and I give myself time to figure it out. But, I did not know that the beach was nearby or that this was a small town.”

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