shhhh dont tell anyone that Tomdog now blogs at KPCC


tomdog (aka Tom Lewis) and i go all the way back to Isla Vista back in the day.

he played bass in one of my favorite local bands, Rogue Cheddar.

when i was at Buzznet, he became a star of the photo sharing site, even creating a mini-meme “the tomdog bug” where you lay on the ground sideways and look at the camera as if youre dead.

maybe you had to be there, but trust me, tons of people even dogs and kids followed tomdog’s lead.

in 2006 i asked him if he would be interested in writing about television for LAist as i was its new editor.

not only did he write, he also interviewed stars on the red carpet, but talked with musicians, directors, and comedians from coast to coast under the moniker, The TV Junkie.

tomdog blogged that bad boy nearly every day on LAist for nearly 6 years.

it is my great joy to announce that today the TV Junkie has moved to KPCC and tom kicks this things off nicely with an insightful interview with Michael Cudlitz of SouthLAnd. yes!