speaking of billboards

kpcc over by kpfk

i work at the npr news station for LA. there is an npr music station on the wesssside.

and in the valley theres whats called a pacifica news station thats like npr but different.

that station is called KPFK

there isnt a rivalry among public radio stations as far as i know.

to me that would be like arguing about different types of chocolate ice cream:

omg moosetracks ftw

nuh huh rocky road for lyfe!

you two are so uncouth, haagen das silk chocolate is the only reasonable choice.

however in our really awesome marketing blitz one of our sassy billboards

just ended up right next to the red walled hq of KPFK, as you can see from the photo above

as the OC(?!) Weekly points out

im pretty sure it was a happy accident, but if it wasnt,

thatd be funny. and itd be funny if we kept it forever :)