1. Sunday, January 29, 2012

    they promised us jet packs 

    they promised us jetpacksof all the things that depress me, expectations are the diamond chocolate cherry on top

    namely, when i have zero, or few, expectations i usually find myself pleasantly surprised

    thrilled, excited, joyous, and in some cases ecstatic.

    but when i get into a situation where i fool myself into thinking i know it all

    when i enter into a room where i believe i have it figured out

    or when i buy a ticket for something that i say OMG THIS IS GONNA BE IT!

    i usually hedge my bets quietly with six seven beers cuz how is it really gonna be


    its never it.

    its it when we let it just be whatever its gonna be

    mfing ladybug appeared on my desk the other day and it was the coolest part of the day.

    i was all well hello there madame. what have i done to deserve this surprise visit?

    and i tried to put her on a leaf on my little cubicle plant but she fell into my cheetos bag

    and she walked around sniffing and licking and

    not flying away thats for damn sure.

    if only we could live that sort of life

    (we can)